Monday, October 12, 2009

Dear Tall Friends,

Being short has had it's advantages in the past. I never had to worry about towering over a guy while dancing. I was always at the top of the cheer leading pyramid instead of having a heavy shoe dug into my back while squatting. Maybe there's more advantages than that, but that's about all that comes to mind right now.
Today I'd like to invite all tall(er) people to do me a favor:
Next time you see a short girl in your aerobics class trying to reach up to grab THE only stability ball that is left on the very top row, please, I beg you PLEASE help her.
Or else that petite girl may jump up to try to knock it down and not even come close to moving it off the edge (embarrassing). Or worse; she may out of sheer desperation, get a weighted bar to push it up from the bottom and you may find yourself dodging a 3 foot diameter stability ball as it bounces it's way across the aerobics floor leaving havoc in it's path (utter humiliation).
Yes, please help her next time.
Never arriving late to aerobics class again!


Kristen said...

I got your back! I'll always help!! You tell me those girls names that didn't help and I take care of them. :)