Sunday, February 22, 2009

LOST stuff

Losing your stuff can be a huge distress, believe me, I've had my fair share of losing things this last month. I left my wallet at King Soopers in the self-check out lane. I then lost my Ipod Shuffle which just about killed my workouts. And yesterday I happened, through a series of events, to lose my keys as COSTCO. Left them in one of two carts actually, that could have been anywhere on the premises. Brilliant move. I got them back within 30 minutes thankfully. Luckily I got all my lost things back eventually.
However, nothing is of more joy than losing your first tooth. NOTHING. For all my kids this is the unsaid graduation out of babyhood. I think Ace's enthusiastic words were, "I wish I were a dinasaur with millions of teeth and could lose one every day!!!"
Sydie lost her first tooth last Sunday in sacrament meeting. She was sitting on my lap and I asked to see how loose it was. Note: This tooth was ready to come out 4 months ago. I was seriously surprised she hadn't swallowed the thing while drinking. Anyway, she usually doesn't let me touch it, as she was afraid of the unknown pain of losing her tooth. But on this special day, she actually let me wiggle it, and while I had a chance, I pulled--and out it came. Sydie was shocked and beaming. She was going up to complete strangers and letting them know of her missing tooth. She couldn't wait to tell her first grade teacher and within two days of losing the first one, had managed to get a second tooth, through much wiggling and pulling, out of her mouth as well.

Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things You Should Know About Us

1. BWD has to eat his Doritos with Chocolate Milk. The one isn't complete w/out the other.
2. I microwave things in same double digits (ex. 22 or 77 seconds). It's a HUGE time-saver people.
3. Ace refuses to even try cereal with milk. He thinks he'll gag and barf.
4. Coby asks an abnormal amount of questions if you catch him at the right time. Like right before going to bed.
5. Katrina gets her nickname for mass destruction whenever she plays or eats.
6. Sydie thinks her blankie is a real living thing with feelings.
7. BWD has been seen laying his head down on Koda and proclaiming how much he likes him.
8. I had to do community service as a payback for some pranks I pulled. Police were involved.
9. Ace could wear socks and/or shoes with holes and not notice or care until we say something.
10. The worst possible thing you can take away from Coby is treats.
11. Katrina can open her mouth HUGE. Dentists and Orthodontists love her and always comment on how great of a patient she is.
12. Sydie has a loose tooth that can lay flat forwards and backwards but refuses to fall out. She refuses to let us just pull it.
13. BWD is really competitive. He also is a born entrepreneur.
14. I have worked as a downtown hot-dog vendor, furniture salesperson, a cookie lady, Payless Shoes employee, been on commercials (TV and radio), a make-up artist, worked in rewards dept. at Nu-Skin, assistant sales for WordPerfect and Covey Leadership, janitor, waitress, night-shift assembly line worker at HP & a hair stylist. Phew!
15. Ace is a total morning person. We've never had to wake him up for anything he's suppose to be to in the morning. If he's still in bed we know he must be sick.
16. Coby heard a commercial about someone choosing between sex and food. He said "I'd WAY rather choose food than expressing my feelings to the girl I love." He talks about expressing his feelings on a regular basis (like when he dances he's expressing his feelings and playing the piano helps express his feelings.) Kind of weird but funny.
17. Katrina is a night owl. She hates getting up in the morning and takes forever to fall asleep.
18. Sydie writes us notes on a daily basis. Most of them go like this: "I love you so much, do you love me? Circle yes or no. We always circle yes a few times.
19. BWD loves to watch tennis and motocross. But doesn't really watch or have an interest in any other professional sport.
20. I love to sing off tune (on purpose) to get a good laugh out of myself. No one else seems to think it's that funny except Ace.
21. Ace should have grown up as a farmer/hunter. He would much rather work outside than anywhere else and loves to shoot things with his airsoft gun. Plus # 15....see?
22. Coby loves to cook. Wants to be a chef/piano player/soccer player/work for his dad when he grows up.
21. Katrina is quite funny. Coby who was frustrated with getting another cold said "I wish there was something that could suck up all my snot".... Katy: "It's called a KLEENEX".
22. Sydie keeps her room really clean and gets in cleaning moods all the time. When it's time for her to go to bed she discovers she's in a cleaning mood quite often. I will actually let her stay up for a while just because how can you turn down a child who wants to clean???? She has my #.
23. BWD uses a glove when filling his tank with gas. It's his GAS glove. Just one. He just hates the smell of gas on his hand.
24. I can (usually) figure out long or short sentences that only have the first letter of each word with ease. I talk like that all the time at home. Here's a sample: TTGTB, BYT, PD, OOT, & MR. I once won a scavenger hunt game that was using only the first letters of sentences for clues. It's kind of a dumb talent. Also, here's another thing my kids decifer. They know they are to stop immediately doing whatever they're doing if they hear me say "A-Ba-Da-Da"....
25. Our family all watches and really loves American Idol. The girls (& Coby) even pretend play American Idol. They are both the contestants and the judges. They're ususally commenting like Simon would.