Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sydie is finally Seven

The long awaited day came and went...Sydie's birthday!
We had a great day together.
She requested blueberry muffins for breakfast and I delivered.
She wanted her nails done (from a professional) so we (including Katrina) went there after breakfast.
While the girls were getting their nails done, I got my peds cured. I thought, what the heck, haven't had them done since last summer so I might as well!
The lady who sat me down in the chair was sick, hacking, coughing, blowing her nose, which should have made me turn and run but I didn't.
She proceeded to snort up the snot and hawk it. Is there a word for this besides disgusting? She did this twice. The first time I was mortified. The second time I closed my eyes as not to see the stuff coming out into the garbage can. Then she cut my pinky toe with her file and shortly afterward put alchohol on it. I tried not to scream but winced and bit my lip.
The girls loved their nails though--I guess it wasn't ALL bad.

Sydie wanted to go to Hawiia for her birthday. So instead we played Hawiian music, threw some umbrellas into the cupcakes and served Hawiian Haystacks to make up for the fact that we couldn't.
Here are some of my favorite things about this 7 year old o'mine.

  • She is always writing me love notes. Today's read: " I love my Mom. My mom is the best mom ever. I love her so much and I will love her forever."
  • She loves to play cars but she is extremely girly girl too.
  • She has such a sweet disposition. She usually does what we ask her to do without arguing.
  • She gives out hugs to all of us all the time.
  • She reminds me to buckle my seatbelt.
  • She can lip sync and dance like a rockstar.
  • She gets in cleaning moods quite often. Usually right before going to bed.
  • And before going to bed she always says "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite and choose the right". Every time.
So Happy Birthday Sydie Dear. You are my Sunshine!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So yesterday a little before 3:00 I decided to highlight my hair. I usually don't attempt to do this kind of thing right before my kids get home from school, but I had the urge so I just went ahead.
I wanted to be quite a bit blonder so I used the highest level of peroxide and this light blonde color and weaved away. Chunky weave btw.
I checked about 30 minutes & it wasn't quite done. Normally, you leave this kind of thing on for around 45 minutes at the most, so I thought I'd rinse it in 15 minutes or so. That's when things went wrong.
Sydie needed help with homework, Coby wanted to make Chocolate chip cookies, & I realized I needed to start the dinner right then or I wouldn't get the chance later. Well, needless to say my window to rinse my hair passed. Next thing I know, Katrina is telling me she'll be late for gymnastics if we didn't go right then.
I dropped off Katrina and raced home as it was now 4:45. My color had been on for an hour and and 30 minutes. For those of you who need help with the math that's TWICE as long as it should have been. Oh well, I thought, it can't be that bad. HA.
I washed it, combed it out and started to blow it try to see the end result.
As I'm drying my hair I notice it started to look and feel different. I looked at my brush and screamed. What was this white weird-ish substance on my brush! I took a closer look to find that my hair was breaking off about about 3 inches from my scalp and the ends were fried. FRIED I tell you. What was on my brush resembled what looked like really fine melted plastic. I basically disintegrated my hair!!! This is bad for a person with oodles of hair, but for someone like me that has a total of 250 hairs on her whole head this is beyond a disaster.
It's bad people. BAD. Next time you see me I may have a pixie cut. UGH.