Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're Fankful

Our kids use to say prayers beginning with "we're fankful" when they were tiny. So when I think of things I'm thankful for, I can't help but want to say it like they did.
Here's some things I'm so thankful for (in no particular order of course):
Family--all of them
Our home
Good health (although I'm kinda sickish right now--but it's nothing)
A caring Father in Heaven
His Son
Amazing friends
Playing Uno with Sydie
Letters from my kids
Scriptures that help guide me
Curling up with my kids and reading
Playing scrabble w/my family at Thanksgiving (a bit awkward when someone spelled out "tits" though!)
Music (I love my ipod)
Hot chocolate
School for my kids (especially since they've been home for 5 days :))
Our awesome neighborhood that's right up there with Camelot
The all new gas prices
A clean house (happens once in a while actually)
Koda (he's entertaining & lovable when he's not peeing on things)
Last but not least...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

How Do I Love Thee?

Sydie is lying in our bed (too early) the other morning, pink blankie in hand, and tells us who and what she loves...or I should say what and who she loves. First and foremost it's her blankie, then mom and dad.
Me: You mean you love your blankie more than dad or I?
Sydie: (without hesitation) Yes.
Me: WHY?
Sydie: (Holding her blankie out for us examine) Do you smell like this?
Us: No.
Sydie: Can I snap you? (she "snaps" her blanket...hard to explain, not even gonna try)
Us: No.
Sydie: Can I carry you around with me? Take you on vacation?
Us: No.
Enough Said. Case closed.
And then, just to add more salt to our freshly open wound...she turns her back to us, sticks her thumb in her mouth, and falls asleep in utter comfort.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A little update

His favorite thing to do when he's not doing anything is watching Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel. He's still in the waiting place (see Dr. Suess's Oh the Places You'll Go). My favorite thing about BWD is that on any given day he'll come home, change out of his work clothes, and come downstairs donning some cool surfer shirt, cargo pants, and a surfer necklace.

Great kid most the time, but currently has his cell phone taken away for not being able to control his incessant teasing directed at his sister (something to do with threatening to burn her blankie) and also getting a C in math. He is trying to form a band with some friends, but it's a little rough as to who is doing what. Doesn't want to wear a coat cuz it's just not cool. I don't get it--what's the deal with kids refusing to wear coats when it's 20 degrees outside? (Side note: He has no idea that his AWESOME mom got him the COOLEST present ever. He should be very nice to her btw.)

Has a few piano gigs in the next month. He's accompanying for his school choir while they sing at Tagawa Gardens and at their school. He's also accompanying our ward primary on a song. He told us the other day that he still isn't as busy as David Archuleta though. Nope! Not yet Coby! (side note: Archie's CD came out last Tuesday--we love it!) Coby has ambitions and dreams though. He just wrote a paper on his dreams--some of them were to be a millionaire, play on BYU's soccer team and get 10 goals p/season, be on American Idol and become a lead singer/piano player, and invent something. Whoa!

Has the best imagination ever. Can direct a whole pretend classroom of 15 kids with ease. Loves to sneak downstairs after she's been tucked in. She loves to create; artwork, meals, pretend play, outfits, or drama.
We just went to Grandma's house today and Katrina made her first batch of crescent rolls (with some help).

Sweet as can BE! I went with her on her field trip last week and she was so nice to everyone. Especially this girl in her class that "doesn't know any better" (that's how Sydie describes kids that have some mental/physical problems). We sat by her on the bus and Sydie talked to her and held her hand sometimes and was just so nice.