Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Sad-Yet-Happy Ending.

Koda has peed one time too many.  I spend waaaay too  much time policing the dog to actually enjoy having the dog so one day I read on the internet something like, "Is your Dog peeing on everything in your house?  Get him neutered!"  Done and Done.  I called around, found the cheapest place possible, and took him in the next day.  I was slightly worried that I was paying 300 dollars less than everywhere else, it was in a bad part of downtown Denver and I could get him in within 12 hours of my phone call but hey, I was desperate, cheap and angry.  So, BWD  took him in at 7 a.m. Friday morning and picked him up at 5 p.m. looking like he got in a fight with a lampshade and lost.  Poor dog.  That's the sad part of my title.  He truly is SAD.  But who wouldn't be sad losing their family jewels?  Chalk it up to Koda's first lesson on not turning my house into a piddle pad.

But now here's the happy part!  BWD and I went out that night with the Downs, the guys had planned this whole "head shoulders knees and toes" evening.  It started with a pedicure (knees and toes) and ended with a "clay" (which turned out to be kitty litter MEOW mixed with water) facial!  The shoulders came later....(teehee!!!)  See?  Happy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Pictures

We just had our pictures taken last Friday.  They actually turned out well (I'll have to somehow get them on this website later) but I have to admit I hate family pictures.  It's not the actual posing and smiling that kills me it's the work one has to go through leading up to the actual pictures.  Finding the right outfits that don't clash and are outside weather appropriate. Making sure everyone tries to stay healthy so one doesn't have to see bright red noses, swollen eyes and chapped lips, or worse.  Doing the hair.  Practicing the smiles so my kids don't look like they're constipated.  And getting everyone ready in time so we're not late.   It's stressful people!  These photos will be on our walls for years to come!  We need to look perfect, right???

If I had a scanner I'd display some Heeeelarious photos, but alas I don't.  Here's a couple pretty scary/funny pictures though.  One where I looked TICKED OFF and so not ready to pose for a picture and one where Jake has allergies beyond belief (poor guy).  Ya just can't take a picture with this kind of a look... Thank goodness they're not being blown up to be hung above our fireplace (just posted on a blog that very few people know about!)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beaver Dam(n)

I just love it when kids hear a swear word and want to know what it means! It's such an awkward moment to have a chat saying or spelling out words that we would never an any other circumstance ever say.  We were all in the car listening to Taylor Swift and she says the word Damn.  Of course Sydie wants to know what that means, and all my kids fill her in.  Coby immediately pipes up: "Yeah, but you can totally yell out "Beaver Dam" and that's okay to say". BWD thought that was the funniest thing he's heard in a while and immediately starts acting as if he's hit his finger with a hammer, screaming, "BEAVER DAM!  BEAVER DAM!"  It was too funny. Then Coby wants to know if "Beaver DamIT" is still kosher.  Ummmmm, probably not.