Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Change is a Comin'

Lots of changes around here these days, that's left us with well, less change.
First BWD's car broke down. Starter. BWD tried to fix it, but alas...1,000 dollars was fixed.

Next, our dryer. I had a feeling about this one when I saw a pencil go down the lint catcher. Any other dryer might have not had an issue with this but ours was 17 plus years old and that just did it in. BWD tried to fetch it out but he couldn't. Another couple of thousand dollars later we got a brand new beautiful set. I'm not so sad about that pencil now as my clothes have never been more clean and dry.

Then our vacuum broke. There was no replacing this because BWD actually fixed this one. Thing is now that there is no ON/OFF switch. Ya gotta be ready to go when you plug that bad boy in.

Coby turned twelve last week as well! This is going to cost us a chunk of change because we are keeping with tradition and going on a big vacation with just BWD, me and Coby. He wanted to go to NYC which was so much fun with Ace, so we are more than happy to go there again. We'll be staying with my brother Keith and his cute family.
For his birthday, he invited a few friends to spend the day with. They rode their bikes to McDonald's, ate lunch, then went on a scavenger hunt at the mall, then we all drove to this really cool place called Castlewood Canyon. They have these waterfalls that you can play around in and they all had a total blast. With the exception of Austin getting lost as we were hiking there and having the rangers go out to find him, it was a great day. UNTIL we started for home. We got caught in a total hail/rain storm accompanied by streets flooding. I felt like pulling over and crying but instead I chanted "please get us home" until we pulled into our neighborhood.
All in all though, a fun birthday for a fun kid. Coby You Rock.

Here's some of my favorite things about him:
1. Self motivated. But especially motivated by sweets.
2. Can pack a bag like a pro.
3. His Faux Hawk.
4. His piano playing.
5. I've never hand to remind him to do his homework or study for a test or practice piano.
6. He's sense of humor is great, he makes us laugh all the time.
7. Very organized and very reliable.
8. Loves chocolate with a passion.

Also, I have to mention a pretty cool phenomenon. Sydie pulled me outside telling me I "have to see this" and I'm thinking she found a red ant or a weird looking spider or something. We go across the street to my neighbor's house and I couldn't believe my eyes!
Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of ladybugs. All over every leaf and branch. I've never seen anything like it. It was kind of freaky; like Amityville Horror but with ladybugs. And since Ladybugs are a good omen, I'm thinking GOOD change will be coming our way. :)