Friday, October 9, 2009

Breaking Fall

After asking the fam what they wanted to do over fall break, here are some ideas they came up with:

  • Stay the night in Glenwood Springs and hike Hanging Lake the next day.
  • Go to a haunted house (Coby has no idea what he's getting into here).
  • Do a corn maze at Anderson Farms.
  • Eat a caramel apple at Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory (my favorite is apple pie apple).
  • Make many many Halloween Crafts (the girls are adding to the list constantly).
  • Have a family sleepover upstairs in the library in sleeping bags (Katrina's idea).
  • Sleep in every day (Ace's contribution).
  • NOT do boring stuff (Sydie's comment).
We'll see how many we end up doing. The sleeping in suggestion is looking better and better the more I go over the list of activities. I wish we could go to Hawaii or California or anywhere actually but having a husband without vacation days is a real bummer.
2010 will be our go away on vacation year!


Eve said...

Thanks for sharing the list! We'll be copying some ideas for sure :)

Lyndsey said...

if you do Anderson Farms maybe we could meet there or somewhere for lunch or something. It would be fun to see you guys. The list sounds fun.