Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gotta Love Them Reunions!

These 3 day reunions seem to work with us. The Ashton side had one 2 years ago. Now the Fowlers got together last weekend to hang out and have some fun. There was even a little Reiki involved one day, which unfortunately I have no pictures of.
Here's some hard evidence of the fun we had:

Three of my cute nieces on our way to catch us some fish at Arlington. Notice the girls all have our Fowler Love pink T's on.

Building a fire to roast some Hot-dogs/Some Mores.
I can remember 4 years ago, it was this very spot that Austin tried to create a fire without our supervision using lighter fluid. Flames rising 15 to 20 feet in the air. Major major trouble that kid.

Look at these precious Grandkiddos. One day they'll be bringing their own little families to the 3 day Fowler Fest. This is where it all started...

And... I saved the best for last. Granddad and Grandmother with all The Originals. Some more original than others I might add. Take note of the boy in the center doing the splits. Ouch. That's what years of being a Master Yoga Instructor will get you. Photos like this. I wanted them to do something crazy. Make a silly face. Maybe show some funny expression.
Who followed through here? Is this as crazy as it gets folks?

I'm glad I could hook up with this fine family...I love them all.


Nancy said...

Great to see the pics you got :) The one with just the immediate family is hilarious---my mom trying to do something funny, me looking sleepy--who knows what Kristen was doing...love that kind of shot.

Thanks for posting this. It was fun!

Landee said...

I love the Fowler version of "silly face." Especially BWD... what is up with that? He's just smiling!

I saw you at church today... from afar...it's like we are two ships passing in the night, except we were in sacrament meeting. ::single tear::

Nancy said...

Taking a closer look at the picture of the "original Fowler's" I had to laugh...my little dog is at the very bottom of the picture looking at the camera with a classic face. Hilarious.